SOLO SHOW / 06 JULY 2017


The visual and perceptive space of each piece of art meets two levels: at first, the viewer will find idealistic landscapes of an unreal and pulsionless nature which define a motionless and unalterable time. At the sencond level, instead, they will meet the study of colors and lights which by split-ups and chromatic juxtapositions decree and formalize the energy of presence and subsequent absence. The energy of time. Paolo Pibi, therefore, sets his bucolic landscapes, glaciers and expanses as hypotethical pretexts to define and make what the naked eye could not see flow: the presence of time. His personal way of using acrylic makes the color, although at times graduated, always saturated. The color indeed does not tend to fade relatively to the figurative element but it rather fixes it, defines it, pictures it. It ain't no shade, rather lights.

The exhibit will be on until September 15 at "APART - spaziocritico", a new vision of expositive space launched in the Spring of 2016 and focused on the visual and intellectual dialogue between the spectator and the work.

Sharon di Carlo